I'm Maurits van kuijk, Industrial Designer.

As a designer with a passion for engineering, I am driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge and a perpetual desire to continuously learn and grow. I find immense joy in the process of creation, constantly tinkering and iterating to improve upon the world around me. My ultimate goal is to make a positive impact by utilizing my extensive knowledge and skill set to solve problems.

Maurits van Kuijk

a lifelong learner, dedicated to honing my craft and expanding my understanding of the world. Through my creative endeavors, I aspire to leave a lasting impact, making the world a better place one design at a time.

What i aspire to be



I aspire to be an automotive designer, specializing in creating innovative and aesthetically pleasing car designs.



I strive to embrace a multi-disciplinary approach, incorporating diverse perspectives and drawing inspiration from various fields to develop comprehensive and well-rounded designs.



My goal is to prioritize sustainability in automotive design, focusing on creating environmentally conscious and energy-efficient vehicles, particularly in the realm of electric cars.

Most Recent


My most recent projects